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Good evening Lantana Public Library users, lurkers, followers, and everyone else!

The Library’s webmistress, Cathy Burns, with approval from the Lantana Public Library Director, Sid Patchett, is about to launch a new library blog for the Lantana Public Library, in Lantana, Florida. 

This new blog will be called Lantana’s Little List.

Before the webmistresss commences the new blog, though, she wants to acknowledge the wonderful efforts of the library’s first blog, A Wander Through the Library Stacks, authored by Amy Emerick.  This blog — with its focus on fiction, music, arts, food, literary reviews, as well as local places of interest here in South Florida, will still be accessible to all via this blog site. 

It is hoped that the new library blog unfolding here will also in time focus on these areas and others of interest.  
At this point, though, we’d like to restate the overall purpose of the blog:

  • to help guide everyone, from library patron to interested member of the public, through and to the Library’s rich collection of books (of many genres), hard copy newspapers and magazines, electronic resources, reference materials, and so forth, and
  • to make everyone aware of services available at the Library and activities and meetings of interest, and
  • to allow comment on or feedback on our collection, services, and activities.  (Please note that to ensure that discussions are civil and relevant, comments and feedback will be held for a time before being published.)

It is hoped over time that this blog, along with its predecessor, will become a knowledgeable and reliable domain and also further improve the on-line presence of the Lantana Public Library’s website at  

Again, welcome to the blog, and we hope it will be enjoyable and informative to all!

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May 25, 2011 at 4:22 am

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