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Florida 2011 Election Laws in the News and Voter Information 2012

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Greetings good people of Lantana.

Are you aware that there are Primary elections to be held August 14, 2012, as well as Presidential elections on November 6, 2012?  Get ready for them now!

Why? Because this year Floridian voters will likely witness significant developments in where, when, and how they can vote.  The Florida Legislature passed new voter laws in 2011– Title IX, Ch. 97-107/Electors and Elections.  View this statute at On-line Sunshine — where all laws and statutes passed by the Florida Legislature since 1997 may be found.

*Are you a citizen who has registered to vote, but have not voted for a while and don’t know where your precinct is?
*Are you registered to vote, but uncertain if your district may be re-districted and altered later this year?

Florida has now completed its electoral re-districting and those districts have been pre-cleared by the U.S. Department of Justice.  Maps can be viewed at FloridaRedistricting.orgPalm Beach County, as well as other South Florida county voting districts have changed significantly since 2010 — locally, state-wide, and congressionally.  There are lots of new maps, but I found helpful “Maps and Block Equivalencies for New Congressional and Legislative Districts” — this is being provided to Supervisors of Elections across the state.

I did this because my neighborhood in Lantana has now been re-districted for congressional and state-wide elections.   Confirm for yourself your districts, and get a sense of how they have been re-drawn.  (Napoleon supposedly claimed that geography was destiny, but he may have not have been able to foresee that modern election maps can and do change from time to time).   My district is likely to have different candidates to vote for in all the races than in 2010.

The Town of Lantana also maintains a local municipal elections page, as Lantana has five elected officials  — see

*Are you a U.S. citizen unsure of how to register to vote in Palm Beach County?

Register directly with the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections or register with the help of one of the State of Florida’s registered third party voter registration organizations.  The State of Florida’s list of these third party organizations is available on the State of Florida Department of State Division of Elections website.

*Are you a citizen wanting to change your address, name, or party affiliation in Palm Beach County?

You can do all of these, but only in advance; see the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Voter F.A.Q. page.

*Are you registered to vote in Palm Beach County, but are wondering if your name may be on a purge list?

Contact the County Supervisor for more information. Voters who had been identified as ineligible by the State are supposed to receive advance notification and be given the opportunity to produce proof of eligibility to Supervisors.

Courtesy of the Florida Division of Elections, voters can look up their voter registration status in Florida. (Note: I initially checked twice and was not successful at retrieving my status.  When I entered my information (name and birthdate), I had to type in some additional script to verify that I was a live person and not a spammer.  On my third attempt, I was able to retrieve my voter status.  My advice to users — try this lookup feature a couple of times, slowly and carefully.)

In addition, I was able to find out if my absentee ballot status and also the location of my precinct where I can go to vote.

*Are you registered to vote, but prefer to vote early and are unsure when the early voting period ends? *Are you registered to vote by absentee ballot, but are unsure of your status?

See again the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website on Election Information or the State Division of Elections on Early Voting, as the early voting window has also been shortened in Florida with the new 2011 law.

More updates and links will be provided as the elections near.  Local newspapers will also publish election guides — be sure to watch for them.


The U.S. Department of Justice issued a warning to Florida to halt purge efforts, claiming the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NRVA) are being violated.  (See Reuters article of June 2, 2012, “Florida Weighs Warning Against Voter Purge“.)

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher recently halted completion of purge efforts, as did other County Supervisors.  (See “Governor Rick Scott’s voter purge on hold” in the Sun Sentinel, June 1, 2012, and Ignored by Obama DHS: Florida’s Request for Citizenship Database to Review Voting Lists” by Jim Turner, Sunshine State News, June 1, 2012)

Update 6/6/2012:

Note: All 67 County Supervisors of Elections in Florida suspended purge efforts.  See the Palm Beach Post article of June 2, 2012, Voter Purge Gets pushback from elections supervisors, U.S. Justice.

Update on 6/24/2012:

Note:  Lawsuits filed against Florida and the Federal Government.  See the Palm Beach Post article of June 11, 2012, Feds, Florida in Dueling Lawsuits  over Voter Purge.

Update on 8/13/2012

Apparently the State has still been unable to access the Department of Homeland Security’s SAVE database while it continues to purge ineligible voters from its rolls, according to Sunshine State News on August 9, 2012: Florida Still Can’t Access DHS Citizenship Database.

Health News: Free and Low Cost Health Care in Palm Beach County

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Hi Everyone!
As an middle aged, uninsured woman, I’m always researching affordable health care resources available to me here locally.

I found a helpful article, “Help for the Uninsured,” by Phil Galewitz and Christine Stapleton, in the Palm Beach Post on March 9, 2009.  [March 29, 2013: Unfortunately, the link directly to that page is now gone.  Please see the information below, sourced from that article]:

*Health Care District (HCD) of Palm Beach County
Apply for low-cost or free health coverage if you are a county resident.
(561) 659-1270

There is a local HCD of PB County Lantana-Lake Worth Center located here in Lantana:
1250 Southwinds Drive
Lantana, FL 33462
(561) 547-6800
Hours: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
2nd Saturday of each month
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

If going west on Lantana Road, turn right on Andrew Redding Road, at the Florida Highway Patrol Office/Dept. of Motor Vehicle Registrations.
If going east, turn left onto Andrew Redding Road.

*Palm Beach County Medical Society’s Project Access
A program of volunteer doctors who treat the uninsured.
(561) 433-3940

*Florida Department of children and Families’ ACCESS Florida
Apply for Medicaid.

Galewitz and Stapleton  also list a number of clinics in our area, and programs with sliding/varying fees:

Other Free Clinics

*Caridad Center
A free health clinic based in West Boynton Beach.
(561) 737-6336

*Community Health Center
A free health clinic on 2823 N. Australian Ave in West Palm Beach.
(561) 840-8681

*Carelink International
Free health clinic in Jupiter at 412 Center Street, located immediately east of Beacon Baptist Church.
(561) 818-4937

Sliding Fee Scale

*Palm Beach County Health Department
Provides primary and dental care on a sliding fee scale. Family planning and prenatal care also available, as are testing and treatment of communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDs, hepatitis C. Clinics are located at various locations within Palm Beach County, including Belle Glade, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Lantana/Lake Worth, Pahokee, Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach.
(561) 840-4500

*Florida Community Health Centers
Provides primary care on a sliding fee scale. Centers are located throughout Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, including Ft. Pierce, Pahokee, Port St. Lucie.
In Palm Beach County, there is a center located at
4450 South Tiffany Drive
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
Phone: (561) 844-9443

*FAU Wellness Centers
Provide primary care services on a sliding fee scale. Locations in Delray Beach and West Palm Beach below….

Delray Beach Full Service Center
(Satellite at Carver Estates)
S.W. 14 th Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444
Phone: (561) 243-1573
Fax: (561) 279-1765

West Gate Community Wellness Center
1650 Osceola Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Phone: (561) 616-4101
Fax: (561) 616-4179
Director: Susan Beidler, PhD, Mbe, ARNP, BC
 Specific Types of Health Care

*Palm Beach State College Dental Health Services
4200 Congress Ave, Lake Worth 33461
Ph: (561) 868-3757
“…a  teaching  facility in which students enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program provide preventive dental care to the community.”
PBSC also has other helpful community dental services listed on its site at

*H.O.P.E. Project Mobile Mammography Van
To schedule a free mammogram, call (561) 659-4278

*Hanley Center
Hanley offers free substance abuse screening for adults and adolescents and a free program for children of addicts and alcoholics. (561) 841-1000 or 866-4HANLEY.
Call(561) 841-1000 or 866-4HANLEY.

*, a partnership between doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other health care providers, patient advocacy organizations and community groups to help qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get the medicines they need through the public or private program that’s right for them. Many will get them free or nearly free. 1-888-4PPA-NOW (1-888-477-2669).

There are also low cost/free health insurance programs listed in the article.   I’ll provide more information on some of these in another upcoming posting.

Take a look also at Lantana Public Library’s Help in Hard Times web page!

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October 28, 2011 at 4:55 pm

Health: Free Breast/Mammogram Screenings in Palm Beach County

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Hi everyone!

Breast Cancer Awareness month is October.  Palm Beach County has a number of events this month and beyond to help fundraise, educate, and inform women about procedures, costs, and locations.

Had you heard of a program for uninsured and lower income women to obtain free breast/mammogram screenings?
If you are in need of a screening, are uninsured or underinsured, and can drive to Boca Raton, please call the following number (at Boca Raton Regional Hospital) for more information on scheduling an appointment and obtaining a Komen Grant:  ( 561)955-4294

My screening/mammogram is being made available through the Kathryn Krickstein Pressel MammoVan, which operates with Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

Boca Raton Regional Hospital is a current recipient of  grants awarded to non-profit health care agencies and service providers in our area via the County’s own chapter  of the Susan G. Komen Foundation/For the Cure® .

Komen Grants are available/renwable year after year.

Click here for a longer list of health care agencies in our area that have received Komen grants.  You can also phone 561-514-3020 x14 or email for more information.

Here are some helpful resources/books in our library on breast cancer:

*Living through breast cancer : what a Harvard doctor and survivor wants you to know about getting the best care while preserving your self-image by Carolyn M.Kaelin
(Lantana Library Call No. 616.994 Kae)

*The American breast cancer guide : a comprehensive resource directory.
(Lantana Library Call No. 616.994 Ame)

*The everything health guide to living with breast cancer : an accessible and comprehensive resource for women by Lucia Giuggio Carvalho.
(Lantana Library Call No. 616.994 Car)

*Straight talk about breast cancer : from diagnosis to recovery by Suzanne W. Braddock
(Lantana Library Call No. 616.994 Bra)

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October 28, 2011 at 3:50 pm