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Available: fictions of strange futures (from the Short List)

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The Plot Against America                        Lantana Library  Call No.: F Rot
by Philip Roth
What might have happened had Charles Lindbergh beaten Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940 presidential election? If he had, where would the United Stages be now if President Lindbergh’s pro-Nazi sensibilities had held sway? A gripping evaluation of the sordid byproducts of politics.

Oryx and Crake                                            Lantana Library Call No.: F Atw
by Margaret Atwood
A grimly smart tale of the future, a bleak place where, after an apocalyptic event, readers are led back to that moment by a man who may be its only survivor. Brilliant, terrifying, fascinating work by a writer who never fails to engage her readers.

Never Let Me Go                                         Lantana Library Call No.: F Ish
by Kazuo Ishiguro
Privileged students become aware that their boarding school is not simply a school, but the core of a dreadful secret. Readers must fit clues together in this accomplished, elegant novel that, despite its sci-fi futurism, is uncomfortably parallel to the world we think we know.

(From the Short List, December 19, 2007, by Catharine Rambeau)

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