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About former Lantana Public Library Director Sid Patchett

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SidPatchettGood morning!
I’m belatedly posting the obituary from the Coastal Star (for October 2019) for former Lantana Public Library Director Sid Patchett, who sadly passed away in September.


Sid was our Library Director from 1996 until mid 2019 — about 23 years!   Sid’s professionalism, commitment, and wealth of knowledge and experience in libraries and of the world helped found a larger, independently unique library that will serve the town and the larger community well into the 21st century.  For a written history of the Library by Sid, please visit Lantana Public Library’s website at, under About Us/Library’s History.

The Coastal Star also featured Sid and the Lantana Public Library in an earlier article, “Lantana: Library is here for the cerebral, not the Stephen King fan” by Chris Felker on February 4, 2015.

Our Library was originally founded in 1947 by the Lantana Women’s Club and for many years was located at our intracoastal bridge in the Bridge Tender’s House(now an historic building found at Yesteryear Village at the PB County Fair Grounds).  Our Library is now located at 205 West Ocean Avenue, in Lantana.  Please stop in and visit us!


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November 26, 2019 at 4:43 pm

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The Zika Virus in Florida

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Zika is in the Flaviviridae family and belongs to the genus Flavivirus.  Cases have now been reported in South Florida and also on the Gulf coast of Florida.  Protect yourself, family, and friends with information, precautions, and updates.

The CDC has helpful resources here:

The Merck Professional Manual also has comprehensive information:


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August 24, 2016 at 5:55 pm

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NYT Best Sellers Summer 2016

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Please see new bestsellers at the link below….


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Kid’s Summer Reading 2016

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Pet%20Pelican   GardenGnome_NESide

Kids, check out the following books to keep up with your summer reading!



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Delighting in books…a’ mire ri leabhraichean

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WorldofIce_Fire Gabaldon_outlander.pngCornwell_LastKingdomCulloden.png

Attention Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, and Outlander TV show fans!

After the cable Watchathon Week free viewing these popular shows ends, I’m hoping to (re)read some of these…please come check them out or head over to our e-book Overdrive to find them!  (Overdrive users, select Lantana Public Library and enter in your library card number.)

We’ve got several of George Martin’s Game of Thrones series (all in Overdrive):
*Game of Thrones                                                      *A Dance with Dragons (also in the library)
*A Clash of Kings                                                        *A Storm of Swords
*A Feast for Crows                                                          *A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
*A world of fire and ice:the untold history of Westeros and Game of Thrones  — on the history (in the library under F Mar)

*Rogues (an anthology of 21 stories) (edited with Gardner Dezois)

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (all under F Gal):
*Outlander (F Gal) (in the library and Overdrive)     *Dragonfly in Amber (in Overdrive)
*Voyager (Overdrive)                                                         *Drums of Autumn (in Overdrive)
*The Fiery Cross (in Overdrive)                             *A Breath of Snow and Ashes (in Overdrive)
*An echo in the bone (in the library and Overdrive)
*Written in my own heart’s blood (in the library and Overdrive)

In addition, we’ve some of Gabaldon’s Lord John Grey Series –a subset of the Outlander series:
*Lord John and the Private Matter, a novel (in the library)
*Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (in the library)
*The Scottish Prisoner (in the library)

Bernard Cornwell has written a series of Saxon Chronicle books, following Uhtred Ragnarson of Bebbanburg, a young Saxon kidnapped and raised by raiding Danish Vikings, and who eventually comes to fight for King Alfred of Wessex. All are available in the library (under F Cor):
*The Last Kingdom                                *The Pale Horseman
*Lords of the North                                *Sword Song
*The Burning Land                               *The Empty Throne      
*Warriors of the Storm

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New Fiction Spring 2016 at Lantana Public Library

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New Fiction Spring 2016
at Lantana Public Library
205 West Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL
Ph: 561-540-5740

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin (F Zev)
About a bookstore and its ups and downs, as well as those of its owner, who unexpectedly gains the chance to make his life anew.
Zebra Crossing by Meg Vandermerwe (F Van)
Young Chipo and her brother George flee from Zimbabwe to Cape Town and its infamous Long Street, as illegals, and soon get entangled with the sinister Dr. Ongani and his get-rich-quick schemes.
Rules for a Knight: The Last Letter of Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke by Ethan Hawke (F Haw)
A knight writes a letter to his children to leave a record on all of what he knows, including morals, ancient teachings, political and spiritual writings.
The Swede by Robert Karjel (F Kar)
Swedish security officer Ernest Grip gets sent, along with American counterpart Shauna Friedman,  to interrogate a detainee and find his true identity, only to uncover a strange network of international, unrelated suspects.
An Irish Doctor in Love and at Sea by Patrick Taylor (F Tay)
Continuing the story of Irish Dr. Fingal O’Reilly, returning to Ballybuckleboo in Northern Ireland after serving in World War II on the HMS Warspite, to face challenges in a new medical partnership.  With real and fictional characters, this is a must-read for James Herriot fans.
The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin
A novel about Babe Paley, a glamorous New York socialite of the 1950s, and her relationship with literary legend Truman Capote.
A Strangeness in My Mind by Orhan Pamuk (F Pam)
An unforgettable tale of Istanbul street vendor, Mevluut Karatas, the love of his life, his coming of age in a great city, and the differences of his mind and feelings.
The Last September by Nina de Gramant (F Gra)
Charlie and Brett are living in Cape Cod with their daughter, tenuously married, until a tragic turn of events tests their loyalty and love.
Shanghai Redemption by Qui Xialong (F Qui)
Inspector Chen Chao of the Shanghai Police has been promoted to a new position with little power, and placed in charge of a doomed, dangerous  investigation of a  ruthless, powerful, high-level Party figure.

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Great Leaders at Lantana Public Library Spring 2016

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Great Leaders
at Lantana Public Library
205 West Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL
Ph: 561-540-5740

Deng Xiaoping: A Revolutionary Life by Alexander Pantsov with Steven Levine (B Den)
On Deng’s long and extraordinary career, from the 1920s until his death in 1997, and how he helped set in motion changes that would transform China to the world’s second largest economy of the world.
Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush by Jon Meacham (B Bus)
Drawing on his personal diaries, wife Barbara, personal interviews and extraordinary access to his family, readers learn of Bush 41’s extraordinarily varied life in the Texas oil industry, the navy and Pacific War, the United nations, China, the CIA, and eventually the presidency, as well as his candid assessments of many famous figures of his time.
The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin by Steven Lee Meyers (B Put)
A new in-depth account of the Russian leader’s origins from childhood, to his service in the KGB, to his rise in the political landscapes of St. Petersburg and the Kremlin, as well as his policies to cut taxes, expand property rights, and curtail dissent.
The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower (975.3 Bro)
An inside look at the very human, private, day to day lives in the fishbowl residence of recent presidents in the White House, including Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama.
Ben Gurion: Father of Modern Israel by Anita Shapira (B Ben)
Focusing especially on the period after 1948, during the first years of Israel, with fascinating and original insights into Gurion’s personal qualities and political leadership.
Margaret Thatcher at her zenith: in London, Washington, and Moscow by Charles Moore (B Tha)
The authorized second volume of biography of Britain’s first woman prime minister, who led the West out of the Cold War along with Gorbachev and Reagan, while courting danger over the Brighton bomb just hours before her courageous Conservative Party conference speech, as well as criticism, isolation, and opposition with Queen, country, and Commonwealth over a controversial poll tax, arms deals, South Africa, and the IRA.
Pope Francis Among the Wolves by Marco Politi (282 Pol)
With scandals, financial misdeeds, and power struggles facing the Catholic Church and the Roman curia, Pope Francis and his supporters remain locked in indefinite conflict with traditional hardliners and ecclesiastical corruption.

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Election 2016 Reading at Lantana Public Library

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Election 2016 Reading
at Lantana Public Library
205 West Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL
Ph: 561-540-5740

Killing the Messenger by David Brock (324.7 Bro)
A no-holds barred playbook on what the new right wing forces are doing to control the media and messages of the 2016 election, as well as Hilary Clinton.
Rising to the Challenge: My Leadership Journey by Carly Fiorina (B Fio)
Fiorina’s message about her 2016 run, her grassroots Unlocking Potential Project, conservative principles, and how to connect them to ordinary people.
Ted Cruz: a Time for Truth by Ted Cruz (973.932 Cru)
Cruz’s inside look at what’s gone wrong with our government, while passionately fighting for limited government, economic growth, and the Constitution.
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story by Ben Carson (B Car)
On Carson’s journey from an inner-city childhood in Detroit to one of the most successful pediatric neurosurgeon-directors of John Hopkins Medical Institutions at the age of thirty-three.
A More Perfect Union by Ben Carson, MD, with Candy Carson (342.73 Car)
On the importance of reading, thinking, and studying our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as their history.
Outsider in the White House by Bernie Sanders  (B San)
Recently updated and reissued, Sanders writes on his political journey from Mayor of Burlington to U.S. Senator of Vermont, his style of politics and responsibilities, and policies and issues the U.S. needs to tackle in its future, so that millions of Americans will no longer be outsiders in their country.
Conservative Hurricane: How Jeb Bush Remade Florida by Matthew T. Corrigan (Fla B Bus)
On the former Florida governor’s controlled politics and message, as well as his socio-economic policies and their impact on Florida — from business recruitment and the extensive privatization of state government, to culture wars, gun rights, end-of-life issues, immigration, and education reform.
Crippled America: how to make America great again by Donald Trump(320.973 Tru)
Trump tells how America needs to fix its ailing economy, reform healthcare and education, build its military and win wars, with a government committed to winning and experienced in it.

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Voting in 2016

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Hi everyone…

Early voting for the Florida Primary (and other local races and ballots) is underway in Palm Beach County, Florida, and it will end tomorrow, Sun. March 13, 2016.

For more information on early voting locations, visit the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections site at

Regular election day voting  for the Primary is this Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Florida voters can check their registration status here at the Florida Department of State Elections site at

Qualified voters can also request absentee ballots.  For more information, see the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Absentee Voting Page at

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The Fabulous Entrepreneur Henry Flagler would have read these….

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Lantana Public Library has excellent new fall 2015 business books, as well as current affairs magazines, and newspapers (hard copy and online).

Please click on our flyer below to see new titles, stop in to visit us, or head over to our e-Resources page to log in and read our e-Zines.  You may also check their availability in KOHA, our on-line catalog.


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